When autumn came he would flip organic burgers, and Italian sausages
at the Maine Organic Farmers and Growers "Common Ground Country Fair".
In the winter he would work in the sugar shack processing maple syrup.

When he was 16 he left home to work in lobster houses in the resort
town of Boothbay Harbor. Living in a friend's Volvo station wagon, he learned
how to steam lobsters and clams, broil scrod, make soups, and fry
fish and chips. He was taught to make seafood chowder from a
six-fingered fisherman who lost his hand to the sea.

Jesse's journey from the coast of Maine brought him to Western Massachusetts, where he worked on farms and restaurants while getting a degree in creative writing, and Portland, Oregon, where his career as a musician allowed him to travel all over the world learning about American regional, and international food.

In 2000 he moved to New York City, where he became obsessed with food and cooking, throwing frequent BBQs 12 stories up on his Brooklyn rooftop, and elaborate all-night dinner parties in his shared country house in the Catskills.

In 2004 Jesse settled in Philadelphia, where he completed an apprenticeship with Food and Wine's Best New Chef 2004, Dominic Filoni at his signature start-up restaurant, Bianca, in Bryn Mawr. He also received a culinary degree and the Best Young Culinary award from the Art Institute, where he became the first culinary student to be honored as Valedictorian since the school opened in 1979.

Jesse spent the next 2 years mastering New America cuisine at Matyson,
followed by a crash course in Molecular Gastronomy at Lacroix.
He is currently studying the foodways of America's inner cities.


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